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System Updates

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At FeeApps.com ™ we are always innovating new features into the system. Below are a few updates since our initial launch.

  • iPad / iPhone App - Now available for download. Click here to view more.
  • Added Pennsylvania Western District Local Form No. 24: A new form has been added to the "Create Fee App" page that will now autofill information into a new Pennsylvania Western District Local Form No. 24 which is now attached as the first page of your Fee Application.
  • Streamline "Create Fee App" Page: We updated our "Create Fee Application" page within our system to be more straight forward.
  • Editable Description of Service: In addition to our drop down menu, you can now edit the default list to comply to your needs.
  • Added Mobile Phone App: You can now access case activity and update it on the go with your smart phone! Log in at http://m.timeapplications.com
  • Added query feature to owners area: This feature allows the owner to run queries on time entered into the system based on a specific case number, dates, timekeeper or all criteria
  • Added variable timekeeper rates: This feature allows an owner to enter unlimited rates into the system. Then an associate can log in and choose the appropriate rate when adding new time to cases.
  • Added Case ordering links: Owners and associates now have the ability to sort existing cases by court, case number or debtor name with the click of a mouse.

Check out our DEMOS - 3 ways to learn about our Fee Application System.

Please feel free to email us with any comments, questions or suggestions about the system.