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"As a paralegal working for Santillan & Assoicates P.C., Feeapps.com has simplified the fee applications process. Fee applications can now be done in one quarter of the time. I love this system because it has made my job that much easier."
Taylor Buben
Santillan & Associates, P.C.
Beaver, PA


Works great! I'm sure as people continue to use the software, you will find more ways to make it even BETTER, than it already is.
Brian C. Thompson, Esquire
Thompson & Yates, P.C.
Pittsburgh, PA


As a bankruptcy practitioner I always knew that I needed to file fee applications, so that I can get paid for the work that I do, however, I always felt that I did not have the additional time to make this transition and incorporate fee applications as a part of my practice. That is until I began to use Feeapps.com, which has enabled me to incorporate Fee applications as a part of my practice. The easy to use online module is simple to track my time and work performed and within seconds generates a fee application, so that I get paid for the work I do.
Bryan P. Keenan, Esquire
Keenan & Associates, P.C.
Pittsburgh, PA


Since the 2005 amendments, practicing bankruptcy has become much more time consuming. For years I just felt like I was spinning my wheels: doing more work for less pay. As a sole practitioner, I did not have the time to prepare fee petitions. Then came fee apps! This has allowed me to easily keep track of my time in each case and make more money in the process. And one point worth mentioning, I have more than paid for the costs of this program, since the law allows me to charge for the preparation of every fee petition.
Rodney Shepherd, Esquire
Rodney D Shepherd Law Offices
Pittsburgh, PA