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Based on actual figures, the FeeApps.comTM online Fee Application system reduces the required time to create a Fee Application from hours to minutes. How is this possible?

FeeApps.comTM is an online application developed by bankruptcy attorneys for bankruptcy attorneys that allows you to enter your time and important case information by using simple drop-down menus. These menus eliminate the repetitive typing usually associated with time entry.

Please view the following screen shots and videos to see how easy our online Fee Application System really is.

Associates Area
Log in Screen Screen ShotVideo
Home Page Screen ShotVideo
Update Case Information Page Screen ShotVideo
Edit Category Page Screen ShotVideo
Edit Activity Code Screen Shot Video
Case Information Page Screen ShotN/A
No Look Warning Screen ShotN/A
Create Fee Application Page Screen ShotVideo
Owner Area
Adding AssociatesScreen ShotVideo
Running a Query Screen ShotVideo
General Functions Screen ShotVideo


FeeApps.com™ application is part of the new cloud computing platform that delivers technology services over the Internet.

  • Secure: Redundant backups and passwords protected areas insure your data is safe
  • Locale: Your data is on our secure server. You don't have to worry about losing the data somewhere on your hard-drive or having your laptop stolen or lost.
  • Accessibility: Your data is available to you from any computer connected to the Internet, even from your Smartphone, Blackberry and IPhone.
  • Cut Costs: No hardware or software costs.
  • Upgrades: Since FeeApps.com is continually improving its services and benefits, you automatically receive the latest upgrades at no extra costs.
  • True Unlimited Access: Service available 24/7 from any computer connected to the Internet.
  • Unlimited Fee Applications: You can create an unlimited number of Fee Applications during your membership.
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